This website is about SIĞACIK and SIĞACIK MARKET opened on Sundays. Sığacık is a small port town in mid-Aegean, north of Özdere and south of Urla. It is 40 km south of Izmir.

It has been discovered by residents of İzmir who pour in in their thousands to shop at the organic fruit and vegetable market.

Sığacık is a waterside suburb of the forgotten town of Seferihisar and currently part of an ambitious urban regeneration project that aims to make every one of the small houses that lurk inside its ancient walls stripped of the accumulated paintwork and plaster of the decades. Once that’s done their walls will be painted white, and their windows and doors blue, while their roofs will be carefully retiled in an effort to challenge ALAÇATI town, a very popular destination nearby.

A closer look at those roofs reveals a quirky clue to what is behind all this. Tiny ceramic snails are being positioned at their corners, the snail being the symbol of the Cittaslow movement to which Seferihisar — and by extension Sığacık — signed up in 2010, becoming the first Slow City in Turkey.

As soon as the bus from Seferihisar drops you off you will start to understand that this is a special place whose residents mainly live inside the city walls. There is not much definite information about these walls, with the signs claiming that they were built in 1522 by Adm. Parlak Mustafa Paşa to serve as a base where soldiers could sleep and train ready for Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent’s assault on Rhodes. Others, however, believe them to have been built by 13th-century Genoese traders as part of a chain of fortified bases along the Aegean and Black Sea coast.